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Our wanderlust for beautiful and exotic pieces and collections

inspired from far away places from times gone by 

come together in one place for your perusal and enticement

to embellish your home and enhance your lifestyle.

Indian Summer HOME.

Indian Summer is a term given to the

long, hot summers with balmy nights, where the feel is relaxed and harmonious;

celebrating life with loved ones over a cold beer or crisp white wine. 

It’s also a term used later in life to celebrate

life’s successes and happiness.

Our mission is to help others live an inspiring life surrounded by beautiful things.We believe our home is our sanctuary. Here we can create an environment that cocoons us from the world, and

provides us with a space to be nurtured so we can thrive and share with others.

We source worldwide and locally for beautiful & luxe homewares by artisans and creatives of our community. Most of  our soft furnishings are designed and made in locally in Brisbane, QLD,  otherwise we source from suppliers within Australia and overseas, to ensure we select unique and hand crafted pieces, supporting our own creatives right here in our own backyard and from overseas.

Our aesthetic is raw and natural blended with sophistication.

These elements within a space create a sense of style, personality and soul.

We are presently relocating back to Queensland and will reopen our online store mid year.

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See you in 2020!

Delappe’ Russell-Rowe XO 

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Contact Us

Delappe' Russell-Rowe

Creative Director / Senior Interior Designer



“ I have always had a wanderlust of faraway places…my memories of the vast blue Indian Ocean stretching forever, triggered my curiosity of the magic of the adventures and exotic places the seafarers visited and the treasures they brought back to WA, as the huge cargo ships and boats scattered across the horizon, berthed into Fremantle Harbour.

My dad was a master mariner…his tales of voyages to the tropical islands of Bali and the Pacific, visiting the big city of New York, and the courageous voyages he took around the Cape of Good Hope in the 1950/60’s, instilled in me a sense of adventure and love for beautiful things and interiors from exotic places far away and of a lifestyle from a bygone era.”

Delappe' Russell- Rowe. 


Delappe' is a qualified designer with over 20 years experience in the design industry, working in Perth and Brisbane. She has developed and taught the course ‘Creative Interiors’ at Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, for over 3 years. Her design work has been featured in various magazines, including Queensland Homes, Style Magazine,The West Australian and the Sunday Mail. Delappe’ has consulted for Australia’s leading furniture and design companies, Coco Republic and Jimmy Possum.

Delappe' and her husband Nathan are presently relocating back to their home in the hinterland just south of Brisbane, QLD.Here they run a beautiful 100 year old Queenslander as a BnB. The online store will reopen in early 2020.

Please email Delappe on info@indiansummerhome.net

or contact 0407479280

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