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Live An Inspired Life!

For those of you who know me I have always chosed the path of living an Inspired Life.

Launching my various businesses are really just a manifestation of who I am...

.....a real life expression of me!

Living inspiringly can't be contrived...following your bliss becomes from a place deep within, it's a pull that can't be ignored or as Steven Speilberg said....


' It's the whisper within that needs to be listened to...'


It's not about impressing others .It's quite the's about self expression, dreaming, allowing, sharing and following your gut.

Indian Summer HOME is just another manifestitaion of who I am...I have to get it out and to share with you!! Beautiful fabrics, layered with textured timbers, natural fibres and mixed with exotic pieces from far away places....this was my dream so many years ago inspired by my travels, to bring the exotic back to you!..and now it is coming into fruition!


Indian Summer HOME

Bespoke homewares inspired by global travels


Indian Summer HOME has been inspired by my wanderlust for far away places...the mixing of cultures and the bringing together of ecletic pieces that bring real meaning to your home. Creating a point of difference in your environment, one that is authentic and has meaning, one that steps away from the crowd. I believe living an inspired life also means living in a space that reflects your personality, a relfection of who lives there, and one that creates a sanctury for you and your family to nest, grow and to be loved.


Where have your travels taken you?

What books do you love to read?

What styles in design do you like and respond to?

How can the layout of your home reflect your lifestyle?

What artworks resonate with you?

What colours inspire you?

Where can you escape within your home for solitude, to gather,

to create, to love, to play, to rest...


Living an inspired life requires stepping way from the crowd...finding your own idenity and allowing self expression in all areas of your life. Get to know yourself more, listen to the whisper within, what is your whisper telling you and what direction do you need to go? brave to express yourself at work, play and within your home. Others won't always understand, they may also be disappointed with you, or want you to be a certain way. But trust the process and start small by giving yourself solitude time to self reflect, connect within and then start to find people, experiences, courses, places, homewares, styles that resonate and find a connection deep within you.

Living an inspired life is not always takes guts, honesty and alot of self respect. You will sometimes fail...but go easy on yourself. Living an inspired life is really just that...surround yourself with what inspires you, what connects with you and what makes you feel alive!


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