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The Romance of British Colonial Style

I've always had an attraction to the romance of the British Colonial Style of interior. Living in tropical Queensland, Australia, this style is easily adpated to our beautiful Queenslanders or even a contemporary building. For me it's the romance, the tradition and solid pieces infused with the relaxed and exotic, almost bohemian elements of each culture that inspires much so that Indian Summer HOME was created to reflect these ideals of a bygone era.


As the British colonised the world last century, from America, India and the West Indies, they left behind a distinct style infusing their more traditional decor, furniture and fineries with the relaxed, tropical environments they inhabited. Climate and the fauna and flora played a big part in influencing the direction of this style...and thus British Colonial Stlye was born.



British Colonial Stlye uses alot of the local timbers of the tropics, such as mango wood, teak and mahogony. These timbers absorb the humidity of the tropics. Natural grasses, sisals and rattans are used to allow for movement and airating. Canes, bamboos and weaves are used in elements of the furniture, such as headboards, chairs, rugs, mats, baskets and trays.

British India style cane and porches

Colours for these interiors are light and airy, with light or darker furniture pieces, layered with natural textiles and fabrics from the tropics. You will see elements and motifs of the fauna and flora of the region, relfected in all textiles, carvings and pictures such elephants, palm tress, birds, pineapples, insects local to the area. Use also splashes of colour reflected from the environment such as bottle green, bright blue, yellow and pink decorated with pattern and motifs decribed above.

Crockery and cultery still relfected the refined and traditional aspects of Britain, however crockery also was decorated with motifs and colours of the tropics. Chandeliers and crystal are also used extensively as an addition to the infusing of two cultures.

This style of interior is not complete without interior tropical plams, flowers and greenery placed within porcelain or terrecotta pots and some vintage books / leather craft / artifacts you can look for in flea markets or online


SHOP THE LOOK....Seen here indoor cushions from the Raj Collection Indian Summer HOME


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