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Welcome to Indian Summer Homes' INSPIRE COLLECTION gift boxes.

I have curated the most amazing selection of beautiful and inspiring products gathered from all my stockists I have met through my role as  Creative Director at Indian Summer Home.

The idea of an Inspire Box came to be years ago when I was working as a therapist, working with women to overcome low self esteem and disempowerment. These traits led many women to 'make do ' with their circumstances and thus attract low level relationships, jobs and just general 'shoddy' behaviour from others. One particular young woman I had been working with to help leave a very toxic relationship, inspired me to 'box' up all my notes into a step-by-step guide to work through as she worked through her journey of empowerment. I wanted to make it almost like a gift to her, so I added a pretty notebook, pen and some inspiration and motivation stickers and cards to keep her on track with her journey. Today she still maintains that it was the special curated guide and box that kept her on track. Together we created a 'sacred box' for her, to build her self esteem and happiness.

I too have been on my own journey to happiness and fulfilment; one such step for me was to open my own homewares and design studio, to assist others in creating a beautiful space and environment so that they can thrive and find peace and happiness. I highly value the role of Self Care in the journey to happiness and self fulfilment and advocated this as part of my therapy with my clients.In the back of mind I have always wanted to expand on the idea of the little sacred box I had curated for my client so long ago....and now I have!

Enjoy our INSPIRE COLLECTION of gift boxes.! I hope you find these boxes inspiring and as sacred as my client did so long ago, so you too can discover your own journey to creating happiness, contentment and positive life experiences.They make the perfect gift for a special friend for a special occasion or who might be going g through a life transition or sickness, or why not spoil yourself and gift to yourself! 

PS. My client has found her soul mate and celebrated their love  with their recent wedding! I wish them all the very best!

I wish you the very best also!

Delappe' Russell - Rowe


The Inspire Collection

Some of our themes
  • Believe
  • indulge
  • Restore
  • xmas spirit
  • for him




Elouise (Recipient)

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